Why lighting is so important for your wedding photography

October 18, 2022

Wedding days can be challenging for lighting. We don't get to choose what time we are doing the photography and videography. We might be in a beautiful dark venue or a church that doesn't allow flash. The ceremony might have the sun blazing high in the sky or a beautiful sunset where the sun is directly behind the couple getting married. Because of this lighting is critical to ensure that your photos or videos are properly exposed. We use constant, on and off flash, and led lighting to make sure that your photos look beautiful. We also use premium lenses to allow us to shoot in dark situations where flash wouldn't be appropriate. Our years of experience allows us to immediately know what lighting will be best for your specific situation. Your wedding day moves quickly and its important that your photographer has the proper equipment to get the photos and videos without slowing you down so you can enjoy your day!

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