Here is to 2023 and Beyond

January 28, 2023

As we start performing the wedding for 2023 and start booking for 2024 I can't help but reflect the last few years have brought us. Like everyone else Covid played a major role in scheduling, re-scheduling, and needless to say the terrible losses of loved ones during this hard time. As we starting recovering last year and working closely with our couples my number one concern was with the health and well being of not only the couple but their whole family. If they asked we refunded their deposit, if they wanted to reschedule later it was never a problem, and if they were local and they didn't want to wait we did something at a park or beach in a safe environment. Everyone wearing masks at a ceremony is a memory I will never forget and the photos will be a keepsake for generations to come. I always remember that not only are our photos are for now but hopefully fifity years from now people willl look at the photos and still have special memories of that special day! We are so greatful for all our couples and we are so excited to be back in full swing and not only doing this years bookings but also catching up our bookings from last year too!

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